Why do I need a website? 5 reasons why having a website is a must

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When it seems that social media rule the Internet, you might ask yourself, “Do I need a website?” The answer is yes, and I’m here to tell you why.
In 2019, 70-80% of people were researching companies online before visiting it/making a purchase, and the same percentage of customers could be lost to small businesses without a website. And when the world suddenly required more online presence than real-life presence the following year, having your own website became even more crucial.
1. Having a website makes you look professional and increases trust. Anyone can easily create a Facebook page or an Instagram account with fake data, your name/handle, and the profiles may look identical to yours. So, a professional business website legitimizes your company in ways no other social media channels would. And if you don’t have a business and you’re considering creating a place for your portfolio, to show off your work, or something that represents yourself to send to recruiters when looking for a job – there’s not a more professional way to stand out from the crowd than having a personal website. 2. A business website will bring you more customers and increase conversions. Well-optimized websites can pop up on the first page of Google search attracting new customers that weren’t looking specifically for you but were just researching a topic. There’s a much bigger chance of someone ‘stumbling upon’ your website than a social media profile. Also, comparing you and any competing business or offer is easier when all the parties involved have a pro website. 3. Creating your own website is much easier and less expensive than you expect. If you believe that to create a stunning website, you need to be a tech-savvy expert of web design, or have a team of engineers and a professional web designer on speed dial – I’m happy to say – you’re wrong!
4. A website gives you full control over the medium.
The control over your image on a webpage isn’t only about the graphics and layout. You decide what to put out there, so if you have any cool online reviews, customer testimonials, videos, etc., they can all share the space on your site.
If you have a gallery or a portfolio, this is also a chance to display it in a creative way. You can redesign and change anything on a website any time you want.
5. Websites are the center of all marketing efforts.
A website can be the first place where potential customers interact with you and learn about your business.
It can also be where they land on last, to make a purchase, because they were redirected from an email, a Facebook ad or an Instagram post.

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